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CM2012 Conference Abstracts

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A Collaborative Approach to Communication Support in a Hospital Environment: A case study Laila Emms
A Fifteen Year Old Girl's Journey through LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning) Intervention Emily Williams, Danielle Aubrey
A Framework for Evaluating VOCA Apps Daniel Cooper
A Right to Speak: An Update on the National AAC Project in Scotland Susan Shandley (NHS Education for Scotland), Janet Scott (SCTCI), Sally Millar (CALL Scotland)
A School Based Pilot Study on Intensive Interaction Natasha Lewis-Davidson, Mary Chaloner, Laila Emms
A Survival Guide to Communication Matters and Augmentative and Alternative Communication Victoria Lundie, Gillian Hazell
A Whole School Approach to Developing and Promoting a New Communicative Initiative Within a Special School Roland Gooding, Mark Roberts, Rachel Keen, Claire Fitzgerald
AAC Implementation in the Classroom Using Core Vocabulary Theresa Tanchak
An Introduction to the New Mind Express 4 Software and New Hardware Device Ian Foulger (Techcess Ltd), Bart Nöe (Jabbla)
Android for AAC, Environmental Control and Switch Scanning Gary Derwent
Arthur’s AAC Journey: A case study showing how non-VOCA technology and mounting influences VOCA use Marc Viera, Gerard Cullen
Automatic Utterance Generation for Personal Narrative: System development and feasibility experiences Rolf Black, Ehud Reiter, Nava Tintarev
Brain Control: The next step Neil Fitzgerald (Smartbox AT)
Building a 'Vocabulary For Life' for Young Adults Katrina Moore
Challenges of Outcome Measurement for Short-Term AAC Loan Services Tom Griffiths, Katie Price, Michael Clarke
Child-centred Approach to Improving Communicative Competence of Peers and Significant Others Alice Moody, Theresa Tanchak
Cinderella: An AAC Pantomime Pamela Cornwallis, Dithe Fisher

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Communication Difficulties and Talking Mats: Advantages and disadvantages of an online training course Joan Murphy (Talking Mats Ltd), Anne Reid (Talking Mats Ltd)
Communication Matters - Research Matters: An AAC evidence base Katie Holmes, Janice Murray, Michelle Beech, Alan Martin, Prof Pam Enderby, Sarah Creer, Alex John, Simon Judge

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Communication Matters Annual Meeting 2012 Board of Trustees
Communication Matters: Working Together Sandra Hartley
Communication on the Move Beth Moulam
Countdown to 2013: The Future of AAC Services in England Judith de Ste Croix, Sally Chan, Anna Reeves, Clive Thursfield, Gary Derwent

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Creative and Fun Peer Interaction for Improving Access Skills with Head-Mouse and Eye-Gaze Technology Bridget Love

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Creative Speech Technology Alistair Edwards, Chris Newell

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Demonstration of the New Doo-zy Switch Communicator John Kopelciw (Switch-Ed Ltd)
Education for Patient Rights Lois Cameron , Elspeth Molony, Helen MacFarlane

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Eight Years Self-Employed: If I knew then, what I know now! Alan Martin (Mouse on the Move)
Electronic Communication and Assistive Technology Section of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA eCAT): Position paper launch David Morgan (BHTA eCAT)
Elklan Training Package 'Communication Support for AAC' Andrea Kirton, Henrietta McLachlan, Liz Elks
Exploring Symbol Practices of Teachers and Speech and Language Therapists in Mainstream Primary Schools Eliada Pampoulou, Panayiotis Angelides, Chris Abbott
Facilitating Families of Young People with Complex Communication Needs to Develop a Communication Training Package Cheryl Hanson
Finding My Voice Lee Ridley

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From Cause and Effect to Communication, with Eye Gaze Sandra Thistlethwaite (Inclusive Technology Ltd)
Fun and Core Words Lorrie Clemie, Josh Mars, Gemma Fordyce
Goal Attainment Scaling in AAC and Assistive Technology Gary Derwent, Helen Paterson
Helping to Grow an AAC User Group for Younger Adults Josh Mars, Lorrie Clemie, Gemma Fordyce
How I use the Internet and Social Media: Experiences of young people who use AAC Amanda Hynan
How Low-Tech AAC Can Support the Move to High-Tech AAC: A case study Trudy Bore, Caroline Weighton

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Implementing Effective AAC using the Innovations in Proloquo2Go 2 for iOS David Niemeijer (AssistiveWare)
Inclusive Classroom: A multi-professional approach Euan Robertson (Dynavox Mayer-Johnson), Kerry Vacara (Dynavox Mayer-Johnson)
Individualising AAC Software to Make the Curriculum Accessible Marion Stanton (CandLE Ltd)
Integrating Access to Social Media into AAC Devices Dave Hershberger (Saltillo Corp.)
Introduction to the Lightwriter Swift: The newest communication aid by Toby Churchill Ltd Neel Shearer (Toby Churchill Ltd)
iPad Developments: Apps and access for all Roger Bates (Inclusive Technology Ltd)
It's Never Too Late to Make it Personal: Creative communication at the end of life Kate Burns, Joyce Dent, Angela Gilroy, Janet Owen, Ann Parr

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LAMP: A review of the evidence Andrea McGuinness, Hayley Power
Language Development using a Multi-modality Communication Strategy for a Child with Intellectual Disabilities Elvira Sancho, Marc Coronas, Carme Rosell, Carme Jariod, Emili Soro-Camats

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Latest Developments from Sensory Software Clare Fenwick (Sensory Software)
Latest Releases of AAC Apps Rebecca Bright (Therapy Box Ltd)
Let's Get Local: An open discussion for people who use AAC and supporters about developing local CM networks Alan Martin
Mespeech: Clever communication Paul Hewett (Active Design Ltd)
MND and AAC: Developing a care pathway Catherine Harris
My Way to Language and Literacy Beth Moulam
My Year and my Work with the Inclusive Communication in Scotland Project Barry Smith
Novel Interaction Techniques for On-screen Keyboards Alasdair King (Claro Software Ltd)
Now What? The Competent AAC User Who Doesn't Want to Talk: A case study Nic Kimmance, Marian Nairac, Nicole Tumber
On the Road to VOCA with Young People who have Down Syndrome Leela Baksi (Symbol UK Ltd)

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One Classroom, Three Solutions: A taster workshop Sandra Hartley (Logan Technologies Ltd), Adrian Hibbert (Logan Technologies Ltd)
One Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty-three Emails: What it takes to find out about AAC prevalence Joseph Reddington
Outcome Measures and AAC: The purpose and review of measures Pamela Enderby, Jackie Ayres, Gary Derwent, Mary Gilbert, Jenny Herd, Claire Hayward, Ruth McMorran, Janice Murray, Vicky Styles
Personal Narratives for Adults with Severe Speech and Physical Impairments: Developing the technology Suzanne Prior, Annalu Waller, Rolf Black, Rachel Menzies, Thilo Kroll
Personal Narratives for Adults with Severe Speech and Physical Impairments: Training techniques Suzanne Prior, Annalu Waller, Rolf Black, Rachel Menzies, Thilo Kroll
Realistic and Supportive AAC Intervention for a Client with Cerebral Palsy Fiona Panthi

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Reduction of Self-Injurious Behaviour through the Introduction of The Picture Exchange Communication System Louise Malkin (Pyramid Educational Consultants UK)
Sex, Drugs and AAC Helen Dunman, Rachel Pennell
Should More Social Skills Intervention be Offered for Young Children with Four-limb Cerebral Palsy? Katie Price, Michael Clarke, Tom Griffiths
Single Case Study Design: Is it possible to make a good fit for everyone? Janice Murray, Katie Holmes

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So You Want to Develop an App? Gary Derwent, Gerard Cullen
Supporting Two Young Students with iPad/iPod Touch and AAC Apps Anne Williams
Symbol Supported Transition Carol Allen
Symbol Vocabulary to Talk About Abuse Janet Larcher
Symbolic Vocabularies for Communication: A review Simon Judge
Symbols for Healthcare and Prisons Cate Detheridge (Widgit Software)
Taking the Pulse of Augmentative and Alternative Communication on iOS David Niemeijer (AssistiveWare), Anne M. Donnellan
Talking Mats: Current use and new developments Joan Murphy (Talking Mats Ltd), Lois Cameron (Talking Mats Ltd)

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Team Sophie: Eighteen years and counting! Nicola Trapnell, Sophie McMullen

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Technology Together: A roller coaster ride through adolescence to early adulthood Sheryl Bunyard
The Future of ISAAC and Communication Matters Janice Murray
The Management of Electronic Assistive Technology in a Long-term Care Setting Helen Paterson, Marc Viera, Jane Bache
The Use of Eye Tracking (Not Eye Control) in Cognitive Assessments and Eyegaze Clinics Hector Minto (Tobii Technology AB), Heather Bovingdon
The Use of Voice Output Communication Aids by People with Dysarthria Simon Judge, Zoe Clarke
The Virtual Communication Partner Software Research Project Vicky Styles
There’s More to Independent Living than Living Independently! David Morris (Chatting Independently), Anthony Robertson (Chatting Independently)
Tobii Vocabularies: What does a direct access (eye-gaze) vocabulary look like? Hector Minto (Tobii Technology)
Using Boardmaker Studio to Increase Writing Opportunities for Children who Struggle to Produce Written Work Laila Emms , Caroline Bradbury
Using Clicker 6 to Raise Literacy Standards Across the Curriculum Jordan Butel (Crick Software)
Using MyChoicePad with Clients Post Stroke Zoe Peden (The Makaton Charity)
What's New at Smartbox Dougal Hawes (Smartbox Ltd)
When Feelings Get Too Much: Athetoid cerebral palsy, emotions and AAC Chris Sherlock, Katie Caryer

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