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CM2011 Conference Abstracts

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Title Author(s) Handout link
101 Ways to use an iPad to Help People Communicate Nickie Wren (Makaton Charity), Zoe Peden
A Communication Matters Online Course to Tell People About AAC: A consultation session Simon Judge, Gillian Hazell, Dithe Fisher

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A New Way to Look at Symbols: Introducing Matrix Maker and News-2-You Sandra Thistlethwaite (Inclusive Technology Ltd)
A Survival Guide to Communication Matters and Augmentative and Alternative Communication Dithe Fisher
AAC Provision in the Future: What do we want from the government and what can we do to get it? Anna Reeves
AAC Role Models in Schools Marion Stanton, Katie Caryer
Access and Communication for Children with Complex Needs and a Visual Impairment Kay Wrench, Roger Bates
An AAC Bereavement Resource: A 'whole organisation' approach to communicating and supporting individuals with LD to deal with initial bereavement Tamzin Gribble, Leonie van Wijk

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An Audit of AAC Communication Systems in a Special Needs School Sally Mills

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An Evaluation of the Physical Impact of Two Different Access Methods to Communicate on Two Children Will Wade
Aphasia Software Finder Sarah Woodward, Brian Petherham, Julie Ward
Apps for AAC: An overview of the AAC apps on iOS and Android Will Wade

Download: Handout 1 (pdf 3.2MB), Handout 2 (pdf 58KB)

Barcelona - How did my dream come true? Barry Smith
Combining Exchanged-based Communication with Speech-output Technology: A series of experimental investigations Oliver Wendt, Miriam C. Boesch, Anu Subramanian, Ning Hsu, Katie M. Johnstone

Download: Handout 1 (pdf 800KB), Handout 2 (pdf 138KB)

Communication Matters Annual Meeting 2011 Board of Trustees
Communication, Learning and Technology: A Service Relaunch at Great Ormond Street Hospital Miriam Belsham (Wolfson Neurodisability Service), Abigail Mance, Christina Hawkins, Tom Griffiths
Communication: An AAC user’s perspective Martin Pistorius

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Computer Aided Information: A new solution to an old problem Warren Oldreive, Mary Waight
Consultation on Specialised Service Model Options Keren Down (FAST)
Demonstration of New Tellus Mobi 2 and Mind Express 4 Software Ian Foulger (Techcess Ltd), Bart Noë
Developing a National AAC Competencies Framework Victoria Lundie

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Developing Narrative Skills, Communication and Literacy using Symbol Supported Text and Transferring to SymWriter Justin Drew

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Factors Influencing Participation in Children and Young People Provided with AAC Tom Griffiths, Michael Clarke, Caroline Newton, K.V. Petrides, Andrew Lysley, Katie Price
Freedom Through My Eyes: An advanced eye gaze case study Steve Evans, Gemma Eardley
GOAL! Creating a resource to facilitate client input to goal setting Julie Atkinson, Claire Hayward, Julie Sheridan, Ruth Williams
Group Work to Promote Communication and Literacy Anne Emerson, Sarah Riley
Hands-on Communication Mike Kennard (Signalong Group)
Have you seen my new mobile phone? Merging AAC with mobile telephony Simon Stevens

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How Was School Today...? Using mobile phones to support data collection for automatic narrative generation Rolf Black, Annalu Waller, Ehud Reiter, Nava Tintarev

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I wish they could stay more than an hour: Users of AAC & SLT undergraduates Chris Sherlock, Rosey Patterson

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Introducing Self-administration of Medication in Patients with Progressive Illness: Using AAC in the design and development of a service interface design Lisa-Dionne Morris, Ronal Wong, Nick Holland, Alex Johnson, Anthony Llewellyn

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Investigation of Narrative Use in the Care Environment Suzanne Prior, Rolf Black, Annalu Waller, Thilo Kroll

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Involving Parents in the AAC Process in Northamptonshire Clare Pearce, Deborah Pugh
Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP): Promoting the development of communication for individuals with ASD Cindy Halloran, Sarah Honey

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Language and Literacy through AAC: Implementation strategies for the classroom Theresa Tanchak

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Language Development and Literacy: The symbol debate! Damhnait Ní Mhurchú

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Learning from Lennart Paul Andres

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Listening to Adolescents who use AAC: Topics around social participation Amanda Hynan

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Making a Beeline: Developing a new vocabulary for The Grid 2 Gillian Rumble, Barney Hawes
Making the Transition from Paper Based Symbol Resources to Interactive Teaching Resources: A school's experience Laila Emms, Kerry Vacara
Maximising Communicative Competency for Individuals with Complex Communication Difficulties (Emergent Communicators) Euan Robertson
New AAC Applications for the iPad Rebecca Bright (Therapy Box Ltd)
PECS with Older Students and Adults? Nikky Steiner, Sarah Upton
Pulling It All Together: AAC standards for all Gillian Hazell, Alexandra John
Service Delivery: Perspectives of a speech & language therapist and a client Linda Page, Barry Smith
Setting Goals to Overcoming the Barriers to Communicating using a High-tech Aid Farah Moini, Robert Holmes

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Seventeen Ways to Say Yes Graham Pullin
Sit Up and Learn to Live Independently! David Morris , Anthony Robertson
Sitting GCSEs: A personal perspective Beth Moulam
Social Networking and Online Safety for People Who Use AAC and Professionals Tom Griffiths
Spontaneous Communication using Core with Unity Theresa Tanchak (Liberator Ltd), Mark Street

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Starting from Scratch: Setting up an AAC assessment service Alison Webb

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Story Creation and Retelling Daniel Cooper
Supporting Parents of Children who use AAC: A Creative approach Heather Bovingdon, Sheryl Bunyard
Telling Stories Project: The final chapter Pippa Bailey, Karen Bunning

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The AAC Evidence Base Research Project: Developing access for all to knowledge about AAC Katie Holmes, Janice Murray, Michelle Beech

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The AAC Evidence Base Research Project: Establishing evidence of need and mapping service provision Katie Holmes, Pam Enderby, Sarah Creer, Alex John, Simon Judge

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The AAC Self Assessment Tool-kit Marion Stanton, Helen Dixon
The Chailey Communication System: Twenty years on Alison Eccles, Rachel Pennell
The Eye Control Learning Curve Hector Minto (Tobii Technology)
The Glue that Binds Us: Effective & efficient participation model of a home-school service Elspeth Taylor, Angela Gallagher
The Highs and Lows of Running an AAC Service for Adults with Learning/Physical Disabilities Cheryl Davies

Download Handout (pdf 260KB)

The User's User Guide to Good AAC Practice Sandra Hartley, Janice Murray, Martin Pistorius, Sergio Suchowlanski
The Uses and Mechanisms of Handwriting-in-interaction by People with Acquired Progressive Dysarthria Steven Bloch, Michael Clarke
Using 'Tacpac' as a Communication Aid with PMLD Adults in a Social Care Setting Paula Hellal

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Using PODD books: How manageable are PODD books in a busy classroom? Alli Gaskin, Suzanne Martin
V2 Workshop: Developing a voice input communication aid Simon Judge, Zoë Clarke

Download: Handout (pdf 3MB)

Vital Voices: Using digital stories to increase participation for people who use AAC Deborah Jans, Barbara Mathieson
Voice Symbol AAC - iPad, PC, V Pen: Multi-platform AAC for communication, teaching and language development Tony Jones (Ability World Ltd), David Weatherburn
What is New in Proloquo2Go: AAC for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Martijn Leopold (AssistiveWare)
What's New at Sensory Software? Barney Hawes (Sensory Software Int Ltd)
What's New at Smartbox Assistive Technology? Dougal Hawes (Smartbox AT Ltd)
When I die...: The challenges and triumphs of assisting a client with a progressive neurological condition to access AAC in the last three years of her life Helen Paterson
Why Increased Sign and Symbol Use in Severe Learning and Language Disability Schools Promotes Language Liz Beattie

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You can do it! Setting up a local 1Voice branch Julie Atkinson, Esther Baston, Brian Baston, Gemma Eardley, Paul Fisher, Richard Miles, Helen Quiller, Ellie Taylor
You have to be told, in a language you can understand, what your rights are. Lois Cameron, Morag Place
You Matter: Training for parents and close professionals Amanda Bousaki, Clare Latham, Rachel Moore, Katharine Buckley

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Your Thoughts, Your Ideas, Your Life Christine Griffiths

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