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CM2009 Conference Abstracts

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Title Author(s) Handout link
A Case Study on Implementing AT in a Residential Home for People with Multiple Disabilities Matthew Pepper, Aejaz Zahid, Jodie Rogers, Julie Litchfield
A Journey with AAC Julie Bello, Natasha Bello
A Multi-Sensory Approach to Care Planning, Advocacy and Reviewing Using Communicate: Ideas Martin Fisher (Widgit Software)
A Regional Communication Aid Service: From pilot to ongoing service Sue Lord
A Review of AAC Vocabularies Available for The Grid 2 Barney Hawes
A Survival Guide to Communication Matters and Augmentative and Alternative Communication Dithe Fisher, Gillian Hazell
AAC and Assistive Technology: Developing accredited training programmes Juliann Bergin, Siobhán Long
AAC Assessments and the Social Model of Disability Marion Stanton, Katie Caryer
AAC: Is it just about speaking? Zoë Robertson
AAC: Making it happen Ruth Symes, Lindsey Davies, Linda Bainbridge
Access and Communication for Children with Visual Impairments Kay Wrench, Roger Bates
Accredited Training Program at the ACE Centres Rachel Moore (ACE Centre Advisory Trust)
Advances in Eye Gaze Technology Adam Waits (Smartbox AT)
An Examination of the Relationship Between Looking and Pointing in Facilitated Communication using Eye-Tracking Anne Emerson, Andrew Grayson
An Introduction to Two Pieces of Recent Postgraduate Research in the use of Graphic Symbols Eliada Pampoulou, Louise Greenstock
Breaking Down Barriers to Singing through AAC: Sing up, Drake Music and PCAS Sally Chan, Doug Bott
Can we Provide the Bells and Whistles? Supporting PC-based VOCAs and accessible computers Liz Howarth, Rohan Slaughter
Capturing the Code: Making high street toys and home appliances accessible Sally Chan
Case Study on Communication Beyond the Day-to-Day, Using Scanning Grids Susanne Agerbak
Catch the Dream: Workshop for people who use AAC Melinda Smith
Collecting Evidence: Our experience of collaborating with the police service Sue Lord
Communication Matters Annual Meeting Board of Trustees
Communication: It does help to talk Hannah Rogers
Computer and Communication Interaction: Using favourite classroom software to increase use of static communication devices Allison Yates, Sandra Thistlethwaite
Developing Skills to Access Communication Aids: Switch and touchscreen software Fil McIntyre (Inclusive Technology)
Development of an Adult Communication and Assistive Technology Service in East Kent Matthew Pepper, Aejaz Zahid, Julie Litchfield, Jodie Rogers
Dreaming Of A Work-Life Balance Melinda Smith
Early Intervention: What happened to wait and see? Helen Dixon
Engineering the Environment with Story, Drama, and Music Chris Roberts, Sue Rowney
Exploring Multiple Factors Affecting Outcomes for Children with Communication Aids: A pilot study Michael Clarke, Caroline Newton, K.V. Petrides, Katie Price, Andrew Lysley, Tom Griffiths
Eye Gaze Technology: A successful method of recording? Ruth McMorran
Eye-Gaze: The ultimate solution for computer access and AAC? Aejaz Zahid, Julie Litchfield, Jodie Rogers, Matthew Pepper
Grid Mobile 2 Paul Hawes (Sensory Software), Joe Lenartowicz
How Technology is Changing Communication Aids Barry Smith
How was School Today…? Evaluating the Personal-Narrative-Telling Prototype: Preliminary results Rolf Black, Annalu Waller, Ehud Reiter, Ross Turner
Inclusive Meetings for People with Learning Disabilities Sharon Hambley, Susan Williamson, Francis Sturman
Leonard Cheshire Disability Communication Project: Three year evaluation Steven Bloch, Jane Maxim, Adeline Sawsurachai
Life After School Courtney Allen
Life Mapping, Transition Planning, and Communicating in PowerPoint with Linked Slides and Speech Output Michael Brian Reed, Terry Gibson
LITERAAC: Shared reading and AAC Ruth Wise
Mainstream and Low Cost Alternatives in AAC for Assessment and Intervention Juliann Bergin
Meeting for Specialist AAC Assessment Centres and Services Dithe Fisher, Sally Chan
Meeting the AAC Needs of Children & Young People Through Collaborative Multi-Agency Working Clare Pearce
Motivation in Mainstream Andrea McGuinness, Lisa Farrand , Kate Laws
My Research and Me Alexis Egerton
My Voice is My Power Katie Caryer, Nadia Clarke, Guy Baber, Gregor Gilmour, Jemima Hughes, Beth Moulam, Ruth Price, Michael Reed, Jodie Turner, Rosie Vachat
Novel Interaction Techniques for On-Screen Keyboards Paul Blenkhorn
One Symbol Language for All Children: The Newcastle Symbol Project Philippa Robinson, Mary Lavender, Catherine Snowdon, Kay Punshon, Carol Morton
Out of the Box: Proloquo2Go Rebecca Bright (Therapy Box), Swapnil Gadgil
PECS 10 Years On: Time to take stock and look at the evidence Louise Malkin (Pyramid Educational Consultants)
Picture Exchange Device that Talks, Floats and Bounces! Glen Dobbs (Logan Technologies)
Presenting Smart II Ian Foulger (Techcess), Bart Noë
Promoting Communication Success for Individuals with Autism: What do I need to succeed? Dominic Coleman (DynaVox)
Ready Steady Cook - Recipe for Disaster or Perfection? Professor Pam Enderby
Responding to Needs: Building an Augmentative Communication Service Katie Price (Wolfson Neurodisability Team)
Smart Solutions from AMDi Allison Yates (AMDi)
Speaks4me: An innovative approach to ‘speaking and learning through pictures’ using the principles of drag & drop Stephen Lodge (Speaks4me)
Spreading the Word(s) Julie Atkinson, Axel Böhm
Supporting AAC Users to Talk About Bereavement or Loss Shelagh Crossley, Jane Kitson
Supporting Early Intervention and Transition for Children with Complex Needs Heather Bovingdon
Supporting Transition and Assessment: An introduction to Tobii's new hardware and software products Lisa Oosthuizen (Tobii Technology)
Symbol Surfing: Controlling my computer using symbols Nick Weldin, Mary Newman
Teenage Worlds, Teenage Voices: An anthropological study of identity and lifeworlds with teenage AAC users Mary Wickenden
Territorial and Temporal Transitions Training: Developing awareness of space and time in people experiencing PMLD Tony Jones
The Communication Trust: How we work and what we do Cara Evans (The Communication Trust)
The Fizzbook SPIN Touchscreen Laptop/Tablet PC: Its use as a dynamic screen low cost VOCA Peter Keeves
The Language Tree: Official launch! David Weatherburn (Liberator Ltd)
The Multi-Modal Nature of Communication Between Natural Speakers and Aided Speakers: A pilot study Pippa Bailey
The Pupils' Press, Two Years On: Exploring cross curricular links and the functional development of skills through environmental control Alli Gaskin, James Leigh
The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth: Labelled? Beth Moulam
To Infinity and Beyond: What would we like to see in the future? Trish Davidson
Transition to Literacy using Easy Tech Judy King
Transition to Mainstream Schooling for a Child Experiencing PMLD Judy King
Using AAC with Deaf People with Additional Needs Jackie Barker, Alli Gaskin, Liz Hibbert
Videoconferencing as a Means of Providing a Remote AAC Assessment Judith de Ste Croix, Vicky Styles, Darren Williamson
Visiting Alien Planets: Transition into different worlds Sophie Scott
Voice Output Communication Systems and Autism: Precursors for success Victoria Lundie, Julie Atkinson
What Do Users Really Want from Communication Aids? Gillian Townend, Simon Judge
What do you want from Communication Matters? Judith de Ste Croix, Toby Hewson
Where do I go now? Tricks of the Trade to Improve AAC Services Allison Yates