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Issue Articles and Authors
Dec 1998
Vol 12(3)


  • AAC Device Review (Gillian Rumble, VOCAtion)
  • Accessing Technology (Margaret Bullock, Techess Ltd)
  • Cambridge Adaptive Communication (Barnaby Perks, CAC)
  • David and the DynaVox 2/2c (Allison James, Sunrise Medical Ltd)
  • EASIAIDS Ltd (Peter Coxhill)
  • Eclipse in the Land of the Simmer Dim: A Case Study (Sally Millar)
  • Helping People with Disabilities to benefit from Information Technology (Paul Hawes, AbilityNet)
  • Introducing the Freestyle: A Macintosh based AAC Device (Jamie Munro, Don Johnston Special Needs Ltd)
  • Mardis Communication Aid Systems (Karen Wilson, Mardis)
  • Minspeak: The Language for Communication (David Morris, Liberator Ltd)
  • Using a Communication Aid in Bed (Simon Churchill, Toby Churchill Ltd)
Aug 1998
Vol 12(2)


  • A Pilgrim's Progress (Denise Gubbay & Lindy van Creveld)
  • Access to Four Colours = 13 Activities (Jane MacKenzie)
  • Back into the broom cupboard? (Mike Clarke & Katie Price)
  • Balancing the Difference (Alison Futerman & Lorayne Hynd)
  • Funding Communication Aids (Emlyn Williams, Janet Keenan & Helen Whittle)
  • Helping People with Severe Communication Difficulties to Express their Views: A low-tech tool (Joan Murphy)
  • Supporting Apple Mac Switch Users in an Educational Context (Heather Jack)
  • The Chailey Communication System (Lisbeth Meek & Valerie Moffat)
May 1998
Vol 12(1)


  • AAC Users' Interaction with their Peers (Joan Murphy)
  • Changing Attitudes (Kate Ellis)
  • Integrated Wheelchair & AAC Device (Barnaby Perks)
  • Managing Change from Symbol to Text based Communication (Paul Hawes and Paul Blenkhorn)
  • Me and Research (Sylvia Grant)
  • Nadia Clarke, Young AAC User (Katie Clarke)
  • Peacocks, Picnics, Pools & Parties (Helen Dixon)
  • The Design and Implementation of an Equipment Management Database (Phil Gardiner)