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Issue Articles and Authors
Mar 2000
Vol 14(1)


  • A Personal Perspective (Scott Wood)
  • AAC and Marden-Walker Syndrome (Loredana Lembo)
  • CATCHNET - Remote Support & Training (Andrew Lysley, David Colven & Mick Donegan)
  • Dances of Life (Bill Robins)
  • Fight for Your Rights (Alan Martin)
  • Life with Toby (Malini Chib)
  • Me and My Lightwriter (Abigail Patience)
  • Now I Can Say What My Brain is Thinking! (Nicola Bush)
  • Past, Present and Future (Simon Wilson)
  • Service Provision and Supply of Environmental Control Systems (Eileen Grist)
  • The CE Mark and Communication Aids (John Watts)
  • The Mere Oaks AAC Summer Groups (Lynn John & Tamsin Crothers)
  • Variety is the Spice of Life (Sue Clark)
  • Whose Needs Come First? (Alice Cross & Keith Park)
Nov 1999
Vol 13(3)


  • AAC and the Over 65's (Jackie Reeves)
  • Communicating in Good Health - Issues around motivation for communication for children with cerebral palsy (Katie Price)
  • Dynamic Screen Communication Systems - Part 1 (Sally Millar, Janet Larcher & Philippa Robinson)
  • Get on the FAST Track (Moira Mitchell)
  • Maintaining Communication for People with Motor Neurone Disease (Val Fitzgerald & Jackie Reeves)
  • Parkinson's Disease and the Use of AAC - Looking for some evidence (Linda Armstrong, Deborah Jans & Alison MacDonald)
  • Some Tips on Starting the C&G Course in Effective AAC (Nicole Rappell)
  • Trials and Triumphs - Investigating the use of a portable communication aid with people with dysphasia (Paul Tippell et al)
Jul 1999
Vol 13(2)


  • A Penfriend Club for Everyone (Eileen Ramchandran)
  • Chatterbox Day at Motherwell College (Tracy Canavan, Iain Smith & Stuart Devlin)
  • Enabling People with Motor Neurone Disease to Discuss their Quality of Life (Joan Murphy)
  • Purchasing Communication Aids for the UK National Health Service - The Role of NHS Supplies (Mike Ferguson)
  • Supporting Adults with Learning Difficulties - Integrating Communication Technology into their Daily Environment (Deborah Jans)
  • Using Computers for AAC - A New Look at an Old Debate (Paul Hawes)
  • Whisper Voice Enhancement Aids (Dennis Netcott)
  • Will you help with Publishing a Book? (Prue Fuller, ISAAC President)