AbilityNet is a UK wide charity with a remit of making the digital world accessible to everyone. They offer FREE sessions to individual disabled and older people, as well as working with organisations. You can find out more about them at https://abilitynet.org.uk/.

It is a self-referral system open to all who meet their eligibility criteria (which includes any AAC user who wants to use their technology to the best of their ability – not just their communication package).

AbilityNet services and resources include:

My Computer My Way

  1. Help make your device easier to use using the AbilityNet simple ‘how to’ guides.
  2. Access My Computer My Way for step-by-step instructions on how to adapt your phone, computer or tablet to meet your needs, covering everything from increasing the size of your mouse pointer to getting your device to read aloud any text on the screen.


  1. Download a range of free factsheets that provide advice and information about how technology can help people with a range of conditions and impairments.


  1. Sign up to free webinars from industry experts on a range of topics relevant to disabled people.
  2. Their library of recordings is free to access and contains useful information for disabled people, their colleagues, families, and friends, plus the professionals who support them.